Lorcana Ursula's Return Store Championship 20/07/24

Lorcana Ursula's Return Store Championship 20/07/24

  • £15.00

Join us under the sea as we search for our next Champion! Prove your skills, conquer your opponents and get your hands on some exclusive prizes.

This event will be a core constructed swiss style event, consisting of 4/5 55 minute rounds and a top cut. Top cut rounds will last for 70 minutes, excluding the final, which will be untimed. The exact number of rounds and players making up the top cut depend on player turnout. 

Registration will begin at 10:00, with the first round aiming to start at 10:30.

The top four players will earn themselves an Ursula - Sea Witch Queen promo card! The runner up will also receive an Ursula - Sea Witch Queen playmat, and the winner will win the Champion marked playmat!

There will be also be additional spot prizing given on the day, dependant on the number of players in attendance.

All players will be required to submit a decklist - this can be done by bringing a physical copy in on the day of the tournament, or by submitting a digital version to excelsiorcomicsbristol@gmail.com. 

Please note that Excelsior! Games does not process refunds for tickets cancelled within 7 days of the event.

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