Excelsior! Star Wars: Legion Skirmish Tournament! 03/09/2022

Excelsior! Star Wars: Legion Skirmish Tournament! 03/09/2022

  • £12.00

Welcome all to Excelsior! games's first ever Star Wars: Legion event! 

This event will follow the official Legion skirmish tournament structure as follows; 

  • 8 Players: 3 Rounds of 90m Swiss format 
  • 500 Point Games
  • Official Skirmish Battle cards will be provided for each table
  • Players must submit a points-list with accurate and updated points (We suggest players use TabletopAdmiral for accurate points costs and easy to print points lists)
  • Painted armies are not mandatory however players must be able to clearly identify units and unit commanders within their armies. 

Prize support for the event will be distributed to the top three players at the end of the tournament and will be rewarded in the form of store credit in the amounts of £20/£15/£10! (Prize support may change with the release of any 2022 Organised Play kit allocation)

Player registration begins at 10:00am with round one starting as close to 10:30 as possible. 

Snacks and Chilled/Hot Drinks are also available for players on the day and there will be a short break between rounds for players to move tables and grab a quick bit of food if needed! 

Please note that Excelsior Games does not process refunds for event tickets cancelled within less than 7 days of event starting time. 

Tournament Skirmish rules can be found at: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/a2/7c/a27ca34a-465b-4210-8949-0436062d1064/star_wars_legion_skirmish.pdf

Our Recommended list builder is: tabletopadmiral.com

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