One Piece CCG Super Pre-Release Event! 02/10/2022

One Piece CCG Super Pre-Release Event! 02/10/2022

  • £15.00

Welcome to Excelsior! Games first ever One Piece CCG event!

With this Super Pre-Release event players can expect to be playing 4 round of Swiss format constructed using a single pre-selected starter deck! The event will start at 11am with round one starting around 12am after a rules explanation, deck type explanation and a quick look at the 4 decks contents! 

This event will also have premium super pre-release products only for sale on the day and exclusive super pre-realise prizes! (prizes and pre-release products yet to be announced)

Choose from one of the following starter decks with a Super Pre-Release exclusive character illustrations and first edition printing foil stamps! 

  • -Straw Hat Crew- [ST-01 PRE]
  • -Worst Generation- [ST-02 PRE]
  • -The Seven Warlords of the Sea- [ST-03 PRE]
  • Animal Kingdom Pirates- [ST-04 PRE]

Each Deck Contains; 

  • 51 Total Cards 
  • 10 DON!! Cards (Think of these as your energy/mana that you will draw and use to play the rest of your cards during the game)
  • 3 Rule Index Cards 

Among these types of cards you will find;

  • ・Exclusive Super Pre-Release Leader Card x 1
  • ・Commons x 14
  • ・Super Rares x 2

Please note that Excelsior Games does not process refunds for event tickets cancelled within less than 7 days of event starting ti

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